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Long-Term Care Services

    Long-Term Care Services Application Notes


    Home Service (professional home visiting services)

    Subsidies and Eligibility

    Application Procedures

    Contact Window


    1. Open to residents or family members with long-term medical care needs and are registered and actually living in Tienliao Township .

    2. Persons needing regular home care assistance from family members and possessing at least one of the following characteristics:

    (1) needing assistance even after being discharged from the hospital.

    (2) suffering from spinal damage, stroke or other afflictions, and requires long term domestic medical assistance.

    (3) elderly persons.

    • please bring household registration or ID card to the 1 st floor of the center.
    • telephone
    • hospital referral

    nursing personnel of the Health Station

    The frequency of home visits depends on the time allocated to the long term care project of the Health Station.

    Contact Number: 07-6361504